HVAC Financing for Contractors

If you have ever run into an issue where your customers turn down necessary repairs due to cost, you aren’t alone. Your customers may not have the means to pay upfront in cash for their new HVAC system or furnace, which is where offering HVAC customer financing to them comes into play.

HVAC financing through BuyFin helps your customers say yes to more, leading to more money in your pocket through:

  • Fast, frictionless financing results in more closed jobs
  • Higher average ticket amount
  • Satisfied customers

Not only that, but all BuyFin approved dollars are good for a 5-month purchase window, giving your technicians the ability to upsell future repairs or replacements if your customer doesn’t utilize the full amount of their HVAC loan.

Your business will also benefit from:

  • Customized rate sheet
  • Staged funding
  • Same day ACH payments

Take advantage of our financing for HVAC contractors today. Apply today by clicking the below button and watch your business grow.

How BuyFin Consumer Financing Works

Customize Rate Sheet
Select from more than 30+ loan offerings to include on your personalized rate sheet.
Send Loan Application
Send your customers a loan application from any internet-enabled device.
You Get Paid
Instant customer decision and funding lets you request immediate payment from your device.

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