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Grow smarter with secure payment solutions and financing options designed for contractors like you! Explore smart financial solutions for small businesses operating in several home service verticals.

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At BuyFin, we’ve designed online payment solutions for how field service professionals do business. From consumer financing options to payment services for small businesses on the go, count on secure, reliable, and flexible payment facilitation wherever your work gets done.

Digital Payment Solutions

Contractors get paid faster with payment processing solutions from BuyFin. Empower technicians to collect payment from anywhere and in any form, including credit, debit, and ACH transfer. As your dedicated payment solutions company, we put your brand in a position to win in just three easy steps.
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BuyFin provides consumer financing plans to help customers make fast, informed decisions about their payment options. Our quick, multi-offer financing program puts dozens of participating financial institutions in your technicians’ back pockets to accelerate the sales process and increase average job value.
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Flexible Staged Funding

Control your cash flow without limitations on initial deposits and draw frequency.

Soft Credit

Soft credit pulls deliver pre-qualified offers at no risk to the consumer.


No proof of homeownership, income, or job completion certificates required.

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BuyFin is committed to helping small and growing home service companies realize the same benefits as their larger competitors. Access competitive payment processing rates, proven security, and consumer financing that make it easier for customers to get the services they need.
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