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Payment Processing Solutions

Get paid by your customers faster with our payment processing solutions, designed to improve your company’s productivity and save your business time and money. Your technicians can collect payment from anywhere, via nearly all payment methods.
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Consumer Financing Options

BuyFin provides your customers with immediate financing options through our user-friendly and mobile-responsive technology, granting them cash alternatives for projects of any size. Your customers benefit from:
Flexible Staged Funding
Control your cash flow without limitations on initial deposits and draw frequency.

Soft Credit

Soft credit pulls deliver pre-qualified offers at no risk to the consumer.


No proof of homeownership, income, or job completion certificates are required.

How BuyFin Consumer Financing Works

Send Loan Application
Send your customers a loan application from any internet-enabled device.
Customer Shops Offer
After submitting a short digital application, your customer can see financing offers within minutes.
You Get Paid
Instant decision and funding lets you request immediate payment from your device.

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