Is signing up easy?

Yes, it's an easy paperless, online application with the potential for instant approval, followed by simple onboarding. We will train your whole team to be successful. There is no cost to sign up.

Why should I offer BuyFin to customers?

If you don’t already offer consumer financing, adopting BuyFin will get you more jobs and a higher average ticket size. If you already offer financing, switching to BuyFin will lower your cost of financing, get you paid faster (same day ACH), give you the ability to take deposits from the loan and not the customer, and empower your employees to be more successful in the home. 

Is it easy to offer my customer a loan?

Yes, it’s a fast and simple process that begins with a text message or email to kick off the loan application. Preapproval does not require a hard credit check and your customers will be presented multiple options with clearly defined monthly payment amounts. 

After a loan is given, do I need to worry about customer repayment?

No, you are not responsible for collecting customer loan payments.

After a loan is approved, how do I get paid?

You will receive payment via ACH directly to your bank account the same day (if submitted by 2:30 PM Eastern) or next day if after 2:30 PM Eastern.

What products do you offer?

With BuyFin, you can offer a mix of loan options. You can customize plans from our menu of options. We offer more than 40 loan products. These products are all unsecured, closed-end, installment loans and subject to credit approval. Loans are made by participating lenders. 

Do you offer staged funding?

Yes, we offer staged funding without caps. You can take an upfront deposit or multiple deposits over the course of the job. This is especially handy for industries with long job completion timelines, like pool and turf. 

If I have multiple locations, can I see all loans in one dashboard?

Yes, we have many clients actively using a single login and dashboard to manage multiple locations. 

Why would I use BuyFin over other financing options?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider BuyFin Consumer Financing:

  • Fully digital process (no paperwork at all)
  • Provides a great user experience for your customer and techs
  • Allows you will get funded faster and take deposits
  • Loan approvals can only be used at your location
  • Max approvals up to $55K
  • No minimum on loan amounts
  • And many more!

BuyFin Payment Processing FAQs

Why is BuyFin Payment Processing different from my current vendor?

With BuyFin Payment Processing solutions, you have no hidden fees and transparent, competitive rates. We offer white-glove service, complete with easy onboarding and support for all your questions. With BuyFin, you will be able to speak with a Payments Specialist right away and not just be a number in a queue.

How do I know what extra fees my current payment processing partner is charging me?

There are a few different ways to determine what fees your current payment processing company is charging you:

  • Review your statements to get a detailed breakdown of fees
  • Review your contact to see an outline of their fee structure
  • Contact their customer support and request a breakdown of monthly fees

What is the process to change from my current payment processor to BuyFin?

Migrating to a new payment processor doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Our team of Payments Specialists will work closely with you to identify your current business requirements to help reduce the risk of data loss and ensure your migration process is accurate and successful.

How do I get started with BuyFin Payments?

If you’re interested in getting started, or have additional questions about BuyFin Payment Processing, please send an email to our solutions specialists at merchants@buyfin.com.

What payments do you process?

We currently accept all major credit card brands (Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express), debit cards, and ACH (electronic check processing).

How competitive are the rates offered by BuyFin?

BuyFin Payment Processing offers competitive processing rates with no setup fees, no hidden fees, or no annual fees.

How competitive are the rates offered by BuyFin?

BuyFin Payment Processing offers competitive processing rates with no setup fees, no hidden fees, or no annual fees.