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BuyFin Helps Home Improvement Business Grow

June 3, 2024

No matter the size of your business, BuyFin can help you grow. Our consumer financing solution for small businesses allows you to offer payment plans to your customers. These payment plans can help you increase your average ticket size, close more jobs, and increase revenue.

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear directly from Brandy James, owner at Southern Comfort Air, on her experience with BuyFin. From onboarding to getting paid, see how smooth their experience was and how it has helped them grow.

“Our company, Southern Comfort Air, is a family HVAC business with lofty ambitions. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to use BuyFin to grow our business. Prior to finding BuyFin, we weren’t getting attention from other lenders.

BuyFin gave our company a chance to be competitive in our industry. We have grown exponentially faster than we would have without our BuyFin partnership.

The onboarding process was fast and easy.  Sending applications to our customers and funding the loans is an absolute breeze.

We interact with many vendors in our day-to-day operations, but the pricing and value that BuyFin has offered us has stood out as a breath of fresh air.

We would like to keep them all to ourselves, but they are too good not to recommend.”

Onboarding your business with BuyFin is fast and easy. Our process is simple with a 100% digital, paperless application. If you are interested in learning more about how BuyFin Consumer Financing solutions can help grow your business and increase your average ticket size, contact us today.