Financing for HVAC Contractors

HVAC consumer financing empowers customers to get the repairs or equipment they need when they need it. Contractors offering HVAC financing options win more business and increase their average ticket values while ensuring their customers get the service they need.

At BuyFin, we know offering consumer financing for HVAC work adds value to your brand. To learn about financing and payment processing for HVAC, contact us today!

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HVAC Financing Made Simple

Financing HVAC upgrades and repairs is a key differentiator for heating and cooling contractors. Nothing improves the sales process like BuyFin’s intuitive application process and rapid customer approvals. Turn every field technician into a sales professional and enjoy the benefits of for HVAC companies, such as:

  • Fast, frictionless financing, leading to more closed jobs
  • Higher average ticket value
  • Satisfied customers
  • Less legwork for your sales team

HVAC financing for contractors doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll help your organization learn the tools and thoroughly understand the application process to communicate clearly with customers. Paired with our our financing options streamline all your financial needs with a single vendor – it doesn’t get simpler than that!

Your business also benefits from:

  • Customized rate sheet
  • Staged funding
  • Same-day ACH payments

Heating and Air Conditioning Financing with a Long Shelf Life

With BuyFin, all approved dollars are good for a five-month purchase window, allowing your technicians to offer future upgrades, repairs, or replacements whenever the customer doesn’t utilize the full amount of their HVAC loan. Put your field service team in a position to win lifelong customers with HVAC financing from BuyFin!

Realize the advantages of HVAC contractor financing. For customers, it removes barriers. For contractors, it opens new possibilities! Contact us today, and let’s grow your business – together!

How BuyFin HVAC Financing Works

Customize Rate Sheet
Select from more than 30+ loan offerings to include on your personalized rate sheet.
Send Loan Application
Send your customers a loan application from any internet-enabled device.
You Get Paid
Instant customer decision and funding lets you request immediate payment from your device.

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